Writing daily for 15 days straight

It felt like forever but on checking, I’ve only written for 15 days straight. It felt a lot longer than that.

Either way, I’m happy I’ve kept up with this experiment of mine 🙂 It’s starting to become my little online diary.

This is both a good and bad thing.

I see myself go from good writing to bad writing, often within a day. I’d like to be inspirational or motivational every time I publish here, but right now, that doesn’t feel right.

So I just go with the flow.

On some days, my ideas are better than other days. And sometimes, I just sound like a tired person.

I used to hate this. But after having a few people tell me that they like my updates, I’ve decided to just roll with it 🙂 (Thank you.)

A lot has happened since. I became an aunt for the third time. I traveled outside of Miri for a weekend to attend a course. I secured a few new clients. I became ill. I hurt my back.

I missed my Tuesday Karate lessons two weeks in a row (related to above).

15 days feels short, but it isn’t really, is it?

Now, the challenge is to keep this up for another 15 days at least.

Start your timers. Today is day 1 of 15.

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