Why I don’t like expensive things (sometimes)

A few nights ago my air-conditioner started blowing warm air. This is never a good thing in a tropical country. Especially not when it’s heat wave season.

So this morning I had some repair guys come in to check. I had feared the worst – a broken fan.

It turned out to be much worse. My coil might be leaking. If you don’t know what that means, it means this:

I’ll save money buying a new air-conditioner than repairing the coils.

And the surprising thing?

It’s the most expensive air-conditioner in the entire house (we have 6), and also the newest one (only five and a half).

Almost RM3,000. And it’s broken.

The other air-conditioners are all almost or more than ten years old. They’re working just fine.

Expensive != better. Nope.

Sometimes, expensive just means… expensive.

I’m replacing this RM3,000 air-conditioner with a RM750 one.

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