What if you won the lottery tomorrow?

What if you won the lottery tomorrow?

Most of us would quit our jobs. Buy something shiny for ourselves. Give some money to people we think we owe a lot to.

Maybe donate. Go on one or a few vacations.


Buy another shiny thing.

Give again.

Buy another shiny thing.



You keep going like this in your head until you reach a point where your imagination stops.

There’s nothing left to buy, giving becomes just as meaningless and you’re back at square one: exactly where you started.

You are just you, and everything becomes an externality.

I think about this question every now and then, more when I feel overwhelmed by work and feel like throwing in the towel.

These are the days when I tell myself: money shouldn’t control my work and life like this.

I shouldn’t be working this hard just to make a living.

Then I realize: only I am making myself work this hard for money.

Any misery is self-inflicted.

I could be completely satisfied today, problems, inconveniences, mishaps, wrong turns included.

But only if I allow myself to be.

If you’re waiting to be “rich” enough to do something, don’t kid yourself. It’s not money that’s stopping you. You are stopping you.

What you won’t do without money, you will do less of with money.

That includes being content.

If you can’t be content now, you never will.

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