unhappy people believe:

unhappy people believe:

I have too many interests and too little time.

When I’m doing one thing, my mind often wanders off… would it be more fun to do that other thing?

But when I do give in and do that other thing, I find out it isn’t more fun after all.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side.

In fact, I found out that the grass is never greener. It is always an illusion. A trap to make you an enthusiast in everything, but an expert in nothing. Not even yourself.

You are excited about a lot of things but don’t know yourself all that well. Not even how to manage your feelings.

So you end up always unhappy. For no reason at all.

I’ve decided not to switch around anymore.

I’ve chosen a line in the supermarket and staying here. Even when the other line starts moving a lot faster.

Back to the grass.

If the grass is always greener on the other side, if there is always one thing you need to do before you feel happy…

… one more achievement, then you’ll be happy;

… one more zero to your bank account, then you’ll be happy;

… one more kg dropped, then you’ll be happy;

… one more country travelled, then you’ll be happy;

…. then you deserve to be unhappy.

Nothing you have is ever good enough anyway.

The alternative:

You could just stop thinking like an unhappy person and start watering the grass under you.

Right now.

So, what else do unhappy people believe?

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