Today starts off with gratitude

tl;dr – a geeky list of companies + things that I’m thankful for

It is probably true that there can never 100% perfection in all our relationships with people, or our relationship with the world; but I guess there are still things I am super grateful for.

So today is the third Saturday of April and the 16th Saturday of the year (which means we are a quarter way through the year!).

And I think it is best to start if off with gratitude.

I’m grateful for:

AirAsia – Even though the flight delays are constant and we have to pay for all the add-ons, I couldn’t imagine being able to get where I want today without this low cost carrier. Especially early in my career, I couldn’t have been able to afford MAS flight tickets which often cost 3x as much. So THANK YOU to Tony Fernandes for AirAsia!

Tesla – Tesla is the only electric car company that makes electric cars look cool. Without this concept of combining cool + renewable energy, we would still be stuck forever in our dependence on fossil fuel driven cars (simply because nobody wants to be seen in an ugly electric car, no matter how much it helps the environment).

Theranos – Although Theranos has been on fire in the media lately (normal for any company challenging the status quo; and more so for a company challenging the multi-billion dollar medical industry), I’m glad it exists. Theranos is one of the few companies in the medical industry that actually wants to reduce (not increase) the costs of diagnosis.

Free time to read – It’s never easy to read as an adult. No teachers hovering over you to complete reading assignments. Nobody to tell you to ‘read this, it’s coming out in the exam!’. But I’m glad for the free time I have to read. Reading has changed my entire world view. At 27, I’ve (well, sort of) lived thousands of different lives.

Time with my family – My parents are not getting younger. Out of sheer randomness, I am able to spend more time with them lately. I’m thankful for that as it has allowed me to learn more about who they are and resolve conflicts between us.

Friends – I’ve never been confident in my friendships; mainly because I feel like I have nothing much to offer. I’m a nerd who isn’t normally fun (and sometimes can’t understand why you think something is fun), but I’m super glad there are still people who are willing to tolerate this nerd’s idiosyncrasies.

My health + energy – Still in my somewhat youth / prime time, I am grateful that I’m healthy and energetic to pursue almost anything I put my mind to.


You only live once, die trying


Have a great Saturday!

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