To Love_Blog #1

Love is freedom, it makes each person feel more alive in their own skin.

Love is when you ask someone how are you? and sincerely listening to their answer.

Love is putting down your phone and giving the person in front of you full attention, making them feel important.

To love is to be concerned about what the other person is concerned about.

To love is to make time to do things together, even if it is just a simple dinner or tea together.

To love is to remember the tiniest details about a conversation and bringing it up later (for tiniest details are often the most important).

To love is to be supportive of the other person’s goals, even if you do not understand them.

To love is to not question the other person’s choices in life, even if you think they are bad for them (for they themselves know what they want best and questioning only makes them feel like you are judging them).

To love is to say sorry when you are wrong, and changing your ways.

To love is to treat people without imposing your past experiences on them.


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