The two things I admire most about my mother

The two things I admire most about my mother

First, how she is kinder than most people I know, including myself.

She always comforted me when I was bullied in primary school. She gives little children gifts and candy.

And most importantly, she always gives people a second chance, no matter how badly they’ve disappointed her.

She’s set a benchmark for me, and if I’m being honest, one that I’m unlikely to reach anytime soon.

Second, how she is unconditionally generous.

Ever since I can remember, my mom has given a monthly allowance to her mom and her mother in law. Even when she couldn’t afford to, she still did.

She never came up with a convenient excuse to stop giving to her parents.

The giving didn’t stop with her parents. She was equally as generous to her children.

She could have been a multi-millionaire now and bought anything she wanted.

But she took out all her money to give us an education, a comfortable house, and food on the table when my father couldn’t afford to.

When we were young adults, she took the last of her savings to support our further education.

She could have said she couldn’t afford it, and asked us to give up on our education. Instead, she gave us everything, went into debt and didn’t buy a single piece of new clothing for 10 years.

She could have managed her finances better, but in her pursuit to give us the life she never had, she nearly bankrupted herself.

I could never see myself doing that, but I know that if she hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be who I am today either.

So thank you again, my dearest mother. For your kindness, generosity and undeserved love for me.

I love you and happy mother’s day <3

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