the magic of seeing a child grow up: Isaac turns six

I spent my weekend one town away in Bintulu this week. The occasion is my nephew’s sixth birthday.

Isaac is six now! My first nephew is six now, and I’m already imagining his life as an adult.

Seeing a human being go from being a baby, becoming a petulant toddler and now a pretty well-mannered six year old is pretty amazing.

There are few things that compare.

I’m starting to see what he is as a person.

Today his little brother stole a plastic ball from a playground, and he got so angry with him. He told his mother it was wrong and he shouldn’t do that. He insisted for the ball to be returned.

I’d like to think he was taught to do that, but I have a strong feeling this is something innate.

Happy birthday Isaac.

Yiyi loves you. You are so cute now, but I’m even more excited to see you grow into someone wonderful as an adult one day.

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