The 9 Things

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I try to do these nine things every day. I wrote this down while waiting for a call last Thursday.

1. A morning routine where I wake up at 6am, eat specific food and get ready in a specific way

2. Read a book for 20mins

3. Write down 10 ideas/day (got this from James Altucher’s daily thing to do)

4. Do 3 sessions of digital detox where I don’t TOUCH my phone for 2 hours at a time. This is supposed to help me concentrate better

5. Spend an hour a day to write using pen and paper

6. Walk for 20 mins a day

7. Write 500 words/day (hence, this blog)

8. Write 20 mins worth of reflection about the day

9. DO NOT spend more than 4h on a task. This is counterproductive. I read that somewhere.

It’s been a week since I wrote this down and I haven’t done anything on the list consistently. But the point isn’t to be 100% perfect. I’ll never be. I don’t want to feel stressed out because I can’t do everything.

Instead, this list gives me an idea of the things I can do to make my life better.

I have another list where I write down weekly things I should do for a meaningful life. And then another where I write down monthly things and the last one where I write down the 3-monthly things that I should do.

These are coming up soon.

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