The Magic of Starlight

The Magic of Starlight

There is something beautiful about stars. Though they appear in front of you, in the galaxies, a few of them have probably stopped existing already.

Starlight travels to Earth too slowly that when the light from stars does reach us, what we see is something from as close as 8.6 years or as far as a few centuries ago.

Within that time, one or two might have died.

Yet if you don’t think about it, every star you see still exist. And you can lie down and gaze forever…

As a little girl, I would watch the stars from the backseat of my father’s car at night. I let my eyes trail them from one place to another. I thought that if I stopped looking, they would pass me by. So I never stopped looking.

When I got older I would lie down and watch them from outside my house. Under the hundreds of stars I could see and millions more I couldn’t, I let myself drown.

Hours would pass and I wouldn’t even feel it. I forgot about everything, time, space… even myself.

In the darkest rooms in my house, I would need to close my eyes to hear myself.

But under the starlight at night, I could hear everything with my eyes wide open.

If I ever built a forever house for myself, I want to put it in a place where I can go out and feel the starlight. I don’t even need a bedroom, just a place to sleep out in the open, under the stars.

The magic of starlight is that everyone could experience it and yet there would always be enough to go around some more.

A billion people can be looking at the same sky at night and it wouldn’t make it any less bright or beautiful or magical.

The magic of starlight, an ode to the vastness of the galaxies.

Twinkle twinkle little stars,
How much of a real home you make me feel you are.

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