As a teenager, I used to put my family and friends in the last position. I prioritise my time to study, to advance myself in class… to learn new skills.

And then, I found myself at 16 in a lonely place. I didn’t know who I was, what all my achievements were for, and if I wanted more of the same kind of achievements.

I looked at my shelf. They were full of trophies telling me I was the best of the best. Yet, I didn’t feel like the best.

I felt like the worst.

I went to a classmate’s house and saw all kinds of photos on her shelf. Of her hangouts with her friends, of her outings with her family… how she looked so happy in each of the photos.

‘That’s what I want in my life,’ I remember telling myself.

Almost 15 years later, I’m here. I’ve enjoyed hundreds of meals with my family, and a lot of really great memories with my friends.

I don’t miss the awards. I don’t miss the stage.

Life is about priority.

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