How to Be a New Magician

We all want to be valued, sought after and paid well.

But how?

Once upon a time, there was an easy answer: go to school, get a job at a big company and keep climbing up.

For around two decades when people discovered this route, it worked. Like magic, everyone who used this path achieved the promise.

It worked and worked,

until it didn’t.

The spell was gone. Too many people took the magician’s recipe and used it until it no longer seemed like magic.

Those who don’t realize that the old magic is no longer useful keep using the old route, and then when they don’t become magicians, they are confused.

Then, there are those who realize that the old path to magic was no longer valid. And so they seek out a new path.

The ones who seek the new path become the new magicians.

They appear to have the power to convert dreams into reality, to make money out of thin air…

People flock to them and pay them high prices for their skills.

The ones who are still using the old path to magic can only stand in awe and ask, ‘How did she do it?’

Now, the big question is:

Do you want to be a new magician?

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