I don’t plan to retire early

When I first read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I was a teen who hated being in school. I loved the idea of financial freedom. Back then, it felt like an escape from the drudgery and monotony of school.

If work would be an extension of school, I wanted none of it. I dreamed of becoming a 26 year old millionaire without a care in the world.

More than a decade later, I’ve been out of school for almost a decade now and I’m still not a millionaire yet. Worse, I’ve come to realize that a million ringgit isn’t much. A house, a car, and some expenses will keep you going for maybe 10 years. Hardly enough to retire on.

Yet, not being a millionaire isn’t the reason why I don’t plan to retire early.

The reason I don’t plan to retire early is because I’ve found work that doesn’t feel like work on most days.

I love doing what I do now. I never imagined I could do this today, but I do have a really awesome job that excites me on most days.

If I could keep working until I die, I would.

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