How to become rich doing something you hate

They choose a job they hate, then use the money they traded their time for to buy a nice car and a nice house that they’ll have no choice but to pay a third of their salary toward.

And then they spend their free time complaining about the job they hate but can’t afford to leave.

If you ask them why they are poor, it’s always the government or some supernatural thing ‘outside of their control’ (like their boss who doesn’t want to give them a pay raise).

I already told them not to buy a house when you’re 25

Why should you? Nothing bad will happen to you if you’re ‘homeless’ at 25. There’s nothing wrong with being ‘homeless’ at 25, 26, 27 or 30.

But there’s absolutely everything wrong with sticking to a job you hate simply because you have to trade your time for mortgage payments.

I think we’re only going to be young once so instead of buying a house at 25, I spend that money on travel and other nice things (like books) I don’t have to pay for every month.

When you don’t spend above your means, you actually have


You know what I hate it when people tell me that they’re working for the bank.

No, I mean, working for the bank because they are somewhat struggling to pay their monthly mortgage and have to do by trading their hours for money.

You know, the cynical, ‘I work only to pay my bills’ type of people.

That’s no way to live. And by the way, you chose it. You chose to buy a house you can’t afford. By doing that you already chose a life bounded by a 30 year monthly mortgage payment.

There was nothing wrong with living in a place 3x smaller, and cheaper.

It’s nobody fault

but yours if you get rich doing something you hate.

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