How to be happy

1. Let go of all the mistakes you’ve made. No matter how serious you think it was. Let it go.

2. Let go of other people’s mistakes. If it’s a big mistake, think about it less and less each day. One day you’ll forget that it ever happened.

3. Keep quiet when you’re angry. Not because you want to hold in your anger but because anything you say from that point on will be hurtful. Nobody needs that.

4. Don’t measure your worth by how much money you have. You’ll never have enough.

5. Surround yourself by people who support you, no matter how crazy your ideas are. You’re already surrounded by thousands strangers who don’t really care about you. Keep the ones who do close.

6. Make decisions based on how it will impact you ten years from today. This will prevent you from making decisions for money, fame or prestige.

7. Let go of all the goals you can’t achieve. There’s a reason why you didn’t achieve them. Feeling guilty about not living up to your past expectations is unnecessary.

8. If you’re in a relationship (work, friends, romantic) that doesn’t make you feel like your best self, leave. Stop justifying it.

9. Give. It makes you feel valuable and it allows other people to get something valuable.

10. Don’t buy things you can’t afford. You’ll have to work very hard and unhappily to keep them around.

11. Don’t compare yourself with other people. Never made anyone happy. Period.

12. Don’t stay back at work just to keep up with appearances. Pack up and go home early.


I don’t mean I do all of these very well, but that when I do, they make me happy. Note that this list doesn’t say anything about having to own a nice car, big house or six zeros in your bank account.

At first you think all of that makes you happy but when you do have them, you look back at all the things you missed out on.

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