My friends are telling me I don’t update this blog anymore. I didn’t know they were even reading.

But they’re right. I haven’t been updating this blog in almost 6 months. That’s 100 in internet years.

So if you’ve been checking back and haven’t seen as many updates as before – sorry.

I want to say, I’ve been busy. But busy isn’t a real word. It’s a convenient replacement for: I have other priorities.

So, what other priorities have I been having?

One of them has been growing my SEO agency and some other digital businesses. It’s something I never thought I would do but have been enjoying quite a bit lately.

Another thing I’ve been working on behind the scenes has been fiction.

I’ve been working on a couple of stories in the last months. You didn’t see any of them published here because I kept ripping them apart and rewriting them from scratch.

A dramatic way of saying… it’s not done yet.

I want to think I have a better way of organizing my thoughts into words, but I don’t. So I end up writing 100 pages, and then throwing them away, and then re-writing another 100 pages.

SEO, digital business, fiction – this is all starting like the ingredients to a very confusing and eclectic soup of interests.

And it is.

I have become that person who stares at you blankly when you ask: so, what exactly do you do?

But this is who I am, and I’m embracing it.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the house this site is on. Since 2013, I’ve hosted luweetang.com on WordPress. First on WordPress.com (the free one), then on WordPress.org.

Now, WordPress is becoming noisier, a lot more cluttered and an overkill for my simple writing needs for luweetang.com.

Unlike my other sites, I don’t do SEO on this site. I don’t use many plugins. There aren’t many features I want to add.

So I’ve been out and about looking for an alternative.

I’ve narrowed it down to two. And no, it isn’t Wix or Squarespace.

It’s Ghost and Gatsby.

Yes, I may sound like I’m on the paranormal side and on a great adventure, but these are legit website CMS and frameworks.

Gatsby needs some Javascript, Reactjs and GraphQL knowledge, which I don’t yet. So I’m probably going to start with Ghost and see how it goes.

If WordPress is starting to get a little noisy for you, do check out Ghost.

It’s also open source like WordPress. But you’ll need to host it on something like Digital Ocean instead of BlueHost or something like that.

Don’t worry though. It’s a lot simpler than it looks 🙂

If you need help, I’ll probably be coming up with a tutorial on this as soon as I migrate this site over. But that will probably be up on EntrepreneurCampfire.com, lest I clog this space up with tutorials.

Finally, I will be starting to update here more frequently again given the extra headspace I have lately.

So, I’ll talk to you again very soon 🙂

P/s: for everyone who keeps checking back here and reading all these years, thank you. It means a lot to me.

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