five good habits

five good habits

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I have a lot of bad habits (like not making my bed everyday when I get up, eating chocolates for breakfast and wearing unmatching socks). I want to have better habits. Good habits.

A good habit is a habit people I like have. Here are five good habits.

_#1_Make things simple

I know, it’s tempting to complicate things. Complicating things makes you believe you’re smarter than the person you are confusing.

Always get to the basics. Yes or no. No fluff. Say what you want to say. Do what you want to do. If you confuse people, make your message crystal clear.

_#2_Blame no one but yourself

It’s always tempting to put the blame on someone else. When you don’t have enough money, it’s the government’s fault. It’s your boss’ fault. It’s your mother’s fault. It’s your father’s fault.

It’s your fault, man.

The faster you can admit that most things are your fault, the faster you can change how things are. Blaming other people is saying that that thing is not in your control. Get this: 99% of your life and circumstances are because of you and no one else.

_#3_Asking, ‘Did I do everything I can?’ before complaining

Complaining is not the best use of our time. Sure, it can make you feel better, but if you complain about the same thing for years… I think it’s time to stop and have a look at what’s going on. Nine times out of ten, there was indeed something you could do to make the situtation 10x or 1,000x better.

_#4_Be okay with imperfection

Checking the same thing twice means you’re careful, checking it three times means you might be extra careful, but more than that, you are not okay with imperfection. I know, everybody wants the best things in their lives but wanting perfection always comes at a cost.

Sometimes, you can get so scared of imperfection that you don’t even want to start; or you become overly critical at people who do.

_#5_Be willing to give up comfort

Being unwilling to give up comfort can mean staying stuck where you are. Once you are willing to give up comfort, the entire world is yours to explore.

Comfort can come in many forms. Wanting emotional comfort can mean that you are not willing to embarrass yourself in front of people. Wanting physical comfort can mean you are unwilling to take on risks that means your lifestyle has to be changed.

A process

It’s pretty useful to pick up new habits every now and then. These are a couple I’ve been trying to keep. What about you?

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