Lady Poon’s Prediction – Episode 5

Sarah felt her heart beat faster.

Was Lady Poon confirming what she had already found out about Wei Liang?

‘I – I think I do know,’ she replied.

In fact, Sarah may even have evidence, something she had kept a secret since she found out.

She reached into her pocket to take out her phone.

‘But why do you need to see a fortune teller?’ her aunt had asked her a few weeks ago. She had accidentally let it slip that she was going to see a fortune teller about her marriage.

‘I just need some reassurance before I settle. It’s not a big deal,’ Sarah replied.

‘Why?’ her aunt eyed her with suspicion. ‘Are you having problems with Wei Liang?’

Sarah paused. Her aunt wasn’t a fool. She was the kind of person who knew enough and had seen enough to be able to tell when someone was lying to her.

She had given Sarah the same look when Sarah’s mother passed away and when asked, Sarah told her aunt she was just fine.

‘Oh… no, we’re fine,’ Sarah lied again. ‘It’s just for fun, you know, like those quizzes you see online.’

Her aunt didn’t budge.

‘You know… you shouldn’t see a fortune teller about your relationship, especially not when you’ve already decided to get married,’ she said, then paused, pursing her lips as if trying to hold back from saying too much.

Confused, Sarah probed her aunt further. How could seeing a fortune teller be that dangerous? she wondered.

‘Why not?’ she asked.

Her aunt darted her eyes away from her, not answering immediately. She looked down at her cup of kopi before looking back at Sarah.

‘You may not hear what you expect to,’ she said.


Another pause. This time, her aunt’s eyes stayed focus on Sarah.

‘What if… what if she tells you that Wei Liang isn’t fated to be your husband? What will you do then?’

Sarah felt her heart stop a little. She had thought about that. It did horrify her. But she never paid more than a few minutes of attention to it.

The more you think about it, the more you make it real, she always believed.

So she didn’t think about it.

She let out a laugh that only slightly hid her nervousness.

‘We don’t always have to believe them, da gu,’ Sarah replied, ‘they can say what they want, but in the end, fate is only secondary to decision. If two people decide they want to be together, what would stop them?’

Sarah’s aunt shook her head.

‘I told your mother to send you to a Chinese school. Never listened. Look at you talk. Too much western beliefs. That’s not good for you,’ Sarah’s aunt replied, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

‘Fate decides everything, Sarah. Even the Gods cannot change it if you beg them to.’

‘It’ll be fine da gu,’ Sarah assured her, ‘it’s just for fun.’

Her aunt lets out a sarcastic laugh.

‘I hope so,’ she says to Sarah, then left to smoke.

Sarah wanted to believe what she told her aunt, that it was all for fun.

But her aunt was right. It wasn’t just for fun.

Sarah had found out about a woman Wei Liang had been seeing behind her back. They were too close, doing too much for one another, to be just friends.

Now, the photo of the woman was on her phone and she was about to show it to Lady Poon to confirm her worst fears.

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