Sarah knew she shouldn’t be there. Even when she was right in front of the door, she tried convincing herself to leave.

‘It’s not too late,’ she told herself, ‘I could go back now.’

But another voice in her head pushed her on. ‘But what if you could know for sure? Don’t you want to find out?’

She thought for a moment. Who was she kidding? She did want to find out.

‘Okay,’ she says under her breath, seemingly to answer the second voice in her head. ‘But just this once. One time and I’ll never come back. I mean it.’

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

After a few knocks, she waited for someone to open the door.


She knocked again.


Maybe she isn’t home, Sarah thought to herself. A sense of relief washed over her. She didn’t need to decide whether to stay or not after all. The fortune teller wasn’t home!

She let out a slight laugh before turning around to leave. Timing saved the day.

But before she even took her third step toward her car, the door behind her creaked open and she heard a voice call out behind her.

‘Miss? You knocked?’

Sarah’s heart started to race. Her feet froze in their steps.

Should she turn around? It was too late to back out now.

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