‘You’re fired.’

‘You’re fired.’

When you are fired where will you go? What will you do?

I know you don’t want to think about it, but you should.

Your company loves you, but not enough. They won’t keep you if they think you are making them lose money.

Like this guy who lost his $14,000/month job.

I don’t know what he did but it sounds like it was something important. But even he got fired.

Keep up or get left behind

When I went to Singapore twelve years ago I used a physical map to help me get around. When I lost that map I had to get another one.

I got anxious when I didn’t get the map.

Today I talk, text, book flight tickets and bring a map up on the same screen.

Everything has changed. We should too.

Doctors selling jade

A year ago I met two sisters selling jade in Myanmar. The elder had a degree in medicine and the younger had a degree in pharmacy. The elder had graduated from a local university and the younger had a more expensive degree from Australia.

‘Why sell jade?’ I asked them.

Elder sister laughed. Younger sister laughed too.

‘I saw the opportunity in the business. I can make more money selling jade than being a doctor,’ she said.

I agreed. While talking to her, I saw more than US$10,000 exchange hands.

I think she had a point.

But I thought they were brave. ‘What do your parents think?’ I ask them.

‘They support us because we make a lot,’ she said, smiling.

One, two or three incomes?


What if you lost your job today but had another income stream?

What difference would that make?

Some people say it is good to have at least nine income streams. But nine is too much for most people with one income stream to think about.

So think about just two.

If you have just one income stream now, what else could you do outside of your day job?

‘Will I need to work more?’

Most likely. But it is possible for you to automate your income after some time, like this guy here.

‘What about my social life?’

I don’t know. You think about that. What’s important to you?


Eight skills to survive the future

Don’t spend all your time building skills for today. Build skills you will need in the very near future too.

Selling yourself

Selling for other people

Selling other people

Selling products

Selling online


Creating (products, books, audio, video, blogs…)

Speaking (well)

‘But I don’t have time for this.’

If it matters to you, make time.

‘It’s too much work.’

Yes. So the earlier you start the better.

‘This isn’t going to make me a lot of money.’

So think of something that will. Hint: you don’t need to be in tech to make money.

‘I don’t know where to start.’

Google. Go out and talk to people who have done it. Not having enough information is not the problem. Lack of action is.


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