excuses lead us nowhere

excuses lead us nowhere

I sometimes write on Quora. I want to write there more often, but I’m a little too lazy to commit. So I write sparingly – a few bursts of answers a year.

So it surprised me a little when I got a new comment on an answer I wrote three years ago in 2016.

Three years ago! I didn’t know people could still read answers from so many years ago…

So the comment was on an answer I wrote for the question:

I wrote that you should wake up at 6.00am, run, go home and take a cold shower, and then read.

Because that’s what I was did when I was trying to get out of depression. It worked for me, so I thought hey, might work for someone out there.

So the comment read:

I’m genuinely surprised when I see people think this way, especially when you have people like Nick Vujicic dominating the world with no limbs.

The truth is: you can always find a reason to excuse yourself from trying. And that reason is often: I have less than other people. I don’t have rich parents. I come from an underprivileged environment.

But if you are committed to doing something, nothing – absolutely nothing – will stop you from achieving it.

If you don’t want to do it, just say: I don’t want to do it. Don’t give excuses for your lack of action.

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