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  • What if you won the lottery tomorrow?

    What if you won the lottery tomorrow?

    Most of us would quit our jobs. Buy something shiny for ourselves. Give some money to people we think we owe a lot to. Maybe donate. Go on one or a few vacations. Invest. Buy another shiny thing. Give again. Buy another shiny thing. Give. Invest. You keep going like this in your head until […]

  • Hey.


    My friends are telling me I don’t update this blog anymore. I didn’t know they were even reading. But they’re right. I haven’t been updating this blog in almost 6 months. That’s 100 in internet years. So if you’ve been checking back and haven’t seen as many updates as before – sorry. I want to […]

  • big world, small problems

    sometimes, all it takes is to remember how small we are in relation to the world we live in. And yes, I’ve started doodling again. I’ve recently switched over from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I like it.

  • love-hate relationships

    I’ve not drawn in a while, so I decided to pick up the pen and start again today.

  • Last day

    I’ve decided to end the daily blog. I guess this surprises nobody ???? The reason is mainly that I have some long-form ideas I want to work on and I don’t think this daily rhythm is aligned with that. I was getting bored with the tiny snippets I was putting out. I’d have to say, […]

  • Things I want to do other than writing

    Almost three years ago, I was going through a bad business partnership. Left and right, I was being accused of being incompetent, lazy and inexperienced. I felt really bad about myself. I was running a business with them, but we weren’t focused enough on profits. I told them about this, and they shut me down. […]

  • I’m getting more and more introverted

    Is it because I’m older now? I don’t remember being this tired after just one week of socialising. But ah well, adjust with the times, I suppose? I’m starting to enjoy time alone these days a lot more than I used to. In uni, I used to spend at least 80 hours a week with […]

  • I don’t plan to retire early

    When I first read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I was a teen who hated being in school. I loved the idea of financial freedom. Back then, it felt like an escape from the drudgery and monotony of school. If work would be an extension of school, I wanted none of it. I dreamed […]

  • The two things I admire most about my mother

    The two things I admire most about my mother

    First, how she is kinder than most people I know, including myself. She always comforted me when I was bullied in primary school. She gives little children gifts and candy. And most importantly, she always gives people a second chance, no matter how badly they’ve disappointed her. She’s set a benchmark for me, and if […]

  • Working on Saturdays

    I used to strive for work-life balance – working on weekdays, and not weekends. Cutting off work at 6pm. These days, I find myself constantly working more hours than I intended. I work from Monday to Saturdays, usually 10 – 12 hours a day. It’s a Saturday and I talked to my client and serviced […]