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  • When people wrong you

    I don’t know if the first thing we should do is to forgive. Because I know I can’t do that. I mean, I tried. But every time I try to hold the anger in, it feels like the pain deepens. So I let myself be angry. I let myself cry and feel stupid for letting […]

  • ‘Gear Doesn’t Matter’

    I was watching Casey Neistat on YouTube yesterday. He does this Q&A thing from time to time where he answers questions people ask him about making movies, Beme (his app), running… anything. I can’t remember which video it was but in one video he was asked by someone about the type of film-making gear he […]

  • It’s not too late to be human

    It’s not too late to tell your customers you don’t understand everything yet; that you don’t have all the answers. To apologise when you make a mistake. To be willing to let them walk away, recommend them to someone you think will help them better. It’s not too late to admit to your lover that […]

  • One Page a Day

    I don’t feel like writing every day. Today, I feel like lying down and sleeping. But I pick up my laptop, switch it on, open this page and do it anyway. I do it with dread and pleasure, mixed into one. I do it because it’s like going to the gym: you only get fit […]

  • Day 730

    Day 365 is always harder – much harder – than day 1. Day 1 is a joke. Day 1 makes you feel like you can do it forever. Day 1 is when your heart skips a beat for that cute someone you think you can live with forever. Day 1 is when your ideas are […]

  • I can’t stop writing

    I’ve been writing since I was eleven. I can’t remember why I started writing but I was writing hate mail to all the kids who didn’t like me and were emptying my cucumber juice bottles into the drain just to humiliate me. I don’t remember what I wrote but I never sent those letters. I […]

  • The 9 Things

    I try to do these nine things every day. I wrote this down while waiting for a call last Thursday. 1. A morning routine where I wake up at 6am, eat specific food and get ready in a specific way 2. Read a book for 20mins 3. Write down 10 ideas/day (got this from James […]

  • Being Politically Correct

    This is a bad idea, always. If you have to be politically correct all the time, hang out with a different bunch of people. If you have to hide a part of you because ‘you’re not expected to be funny, conversational or human in our field of work’, leave. If you stay, there will inevitably […]

  • How to become rich doing something you hate

    They choose a job they hate, then use the money they traded their time for to buy a nice car and a nice house that they’ll have no choice but to pay a third of their salary toward. And then they spend their free time complaining about the job they hate but can’t afford to […]

  • How to be happy

    1. Let go of all the mistakes you’ve made. No matter how serious you think it was. Let it go. 2. Let go of other people’s mistakes. If it’s a big mistake, think about it less and less each day. One day you’ll forget that it ever happened. 3. Keep quiet when you’re angry. Not because […]