Bonus Year #8: 2018, Thanks for All the Gifts ❤️

I always feel amazed to be alive for another full year.

Life is never easy for anyone. Ups, downs, upside downs – if you’ve made it through yet another year too, I want personally congratulate you. You’ve made it 🙂

As with any year, 2018 was full of interesting surprises for me.

There were thousands of little moments that happened throughout the year. In fact, when you look at life on a day-to-day, what you see most of the time is mundaneness.

But when you take a step back and look at the entire year in one glance, you’ll see something else. You’ll see themes – a few themes – the one thing that defines the entire year.

2017 was the year I learned what my 20s was about, and this year was the year I learned that if you look, you’ll see that life is full of unexpected and even undeserved gifts.

So for me this year, my theme has been: ‘Unexpected Gifts’.

2018 started off pretty rough for me. So I never imagined I could experience or gain everything I did.

Both personally and professionally, I’ve made advancements much bigger than I ever imagined I could.

My business grew a lot bigger than what I planned for this year. For the most part, this has been a wonderful thing for me.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I got very unexpectedly busy all of a sudden. To be honest, I was pretty unprepared and had to set a lot of my personal interests aside to attend to the new projects that came so abruptly.

For a few months, I worked more than 100 hours a week.

It was very exhausting, but I have no regrets.

I thank all my clients and customers who placed their trust in me for what they needed.

While I’m happy with how I’ve grown professionally, it puts an even bigger smile on my face when I receive comments from readers of this blog.

This year has been the year I received the most random messages from readers of this blog.

I began seriously writing this blog as a very unhappy engineer almost five years ago.

I really didn’t think anyone other than myself would read anything I wrote. So it continues to surprise me whenever I receive a message from a reader (who isn’t my Facebook friend, especially).

Every message I received about my writing here has been unbelievably kind and has given me the motivation to continue writing.

As a kid, I wrote and I was my only audience. Today, I’m so happy to discover that I’m no longer the only reader of the things I write. All thanks to you.

If you’ve ever sent me a message, thank you very, very much. It certainly made my day, or even week.

However, because of my work commitments, I wasn’t able to update this blog as much as I wanted this year.

But after receiving a few more messages from readers of this blog this month, I decided to keep a more serious schedule for updating this blog.

I don’t really know what kind of content readers here like, but what I’d like to do is write more fiction. This year I’ve completed only one.

So if there is one goal I’d make for 2019, it’s just this one:

Write more fiction.

There are a few more projects I’m very excited about starting in 2019, but as usual, I think it’s better to keep them to myself first and reveal them to you once it is launched.

To a better, bigger and more beautiful 2019!


Lu Wee

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