The Big List of Thoughts

I have a habit of having short bursts of thoughts. I thought I should keep them somewhere safe.

* * *

Having results as proof is more convincing than talking about big plans while having achieved no real results. To have other people be confident in you, first show them what you have done. To show them what you have done, you must do.

A decision may only appear correct because the time lapsed is not long enough. Before you decide if a decision or thought was correct, put it through the test of time. It helps to do this in your head if you don’t have the luxury of physical experimentation. (Remember: for a long time, cigarettes and radiation were considered good, unless they were discovered to be life-threatening. What are the cigarettes and radiation of your life today?)

If a concept appears easy, ask yourself: is it easy because I know enough, or is it easy because I do not know enough? At times, ignorance can disguise itself as expertise. To reduce your chance of error, assume you are stupid more times than you are smart.

There is no such thing as a sure win (or in that case, sure lose). If anyone were to make the claim of a 100% guarantee of a sure win, you must first investigate if they are hallucinating. Then ask yourself, ‘If this person is giving me this claim in a state of clear-mindedness, how does my winning benefit them?’ Because clearly if anyone has indeed found a bottle of elixir, they must either be hallucinating wildly enough to tell your their precious secret… or, they are trying to sell you a bottle of water as a bottle of elixir.

At first, wise men will sound crazy and crazy men will sound wise. But don’t worry, give them time and everyone will reveal themselves as they are.

If you make money supporting the main show, then one day you will either be replaced (with someone cheaper) or be forced to thin slice your margins. You are better off being the main show as your value grows. Nothing can replace the main show and margins will only increase with time as your value increases. (e.g. Facebook = main show, Facebook vs. the companies that support it)