Being Politically Correct

This is a bad idea, always. If you have to be politically correct all the time, hang out with a different bunch of people.

If you have to hide a part of you because ‘you’re not expected to be funny, conversational or human in our field of work’, leave.

If you stay, there will inevitably come a day when someone will pull you to the side after a meeting to tell you, ‘You shouldn’t have said that. Now [insert person you were having debate with and also paying you some money] is angry and might kill the contract.’

That’s when you will feel the pinch of having to be ‘politically correct’ most.

Fit! Fit into this Mould!

No one is meant to fit into one specific type of mould. It hurts trying to be someone you’re not.

If you physically took a mould and tried to fit people in it, you’ll make a lot of people scream in pain. You’ll probably get jailed for trying to harm someone.

But somehow forcing people into mental moulds is acceptable because the screams aren’t audible. People just die inside. They often show little or no physical symptoms until it is too late.

Being politically correct often means not being yourself. You can argue that we can never always be ourselves but when we are, we are most happy and feel most meaning.

There are reasons for choosing any single path, but remember, no one can force you into a path you don’t want to take.

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