Author: Lu Wee Tang

  • Gentle living (the path here)

    It used to be that if you wanted a fulfilling life, you’d quit your job and travel the world. Like the free hippies of the sixties, that was the overarching narrative that led the conversation around finding life’s meaning in my twenties, some ten plus years ago. Droves of people in their twenties quit their […]

  • Habits 4

    <<Habits 3 It was the first time I had ever been in a police station. Not that I had intentionally been straight-laced, but my habits were strenuously dull. Breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, games, sleep. Rinse, and repeat. So what was I doing in this cold investigation room at 4 am in the morning? “Yury […]

  • Expensive lessons my mother taught me for free (v1)

    This has been in my drafts for a long while now. I always waited for the perfect day to write it, but many months have passed, and I haven’t found that day. Maybe it doesn’t exist. So I’ll write it now, on an imperfect day. I’m quite exhausted. I think it’s from the second jab […]

  • So, how’s it going 2021?

    There’s too much dust on this blog. Give me a minute to clean. . . . Alright, all clean now. I guess it’s obvious by my last entry here how busy I’ve been. ‘Busy’ isn’t a word I like to use to describe my life, but for a brief moment in the last 8 months […]

  • Libraries changed my life

    I grew up with Asian parents who wanted the best for me, but never followed the typical Asian parenting stereotype when it came to my academics and self-enrichment. We didn’t speak English, or Mandarin at home. We spoke our own dialect, Foochow (a.k.a. Fuzhounese/Hokchiu). When I cried about going to tuition classes on the weekends […]

  • The magic of doing just one thing a day

    One night, more than fifteen years ago, I found out that my life would be changing forever. A man who my parents loaned a six figure sum to, failed to show up at an agreed location to pay off his final dues. He wasn’t the only one. Some weeks before, another guy defaulted on his […]

  • aspirations 2021

    do more, show less. like my mother, who donates, gives, serves… yet, you see nothing of these on social media. not because she doesn’t use social media, it just doesn’t occur to her that a picture needs to be taken when you do good. learn more, learn faster. curse less. i curse way, way too […]

  • Habits 3

    << Habits 2 This couldn’t be real. Cherry was only twenty-six, much too young and alive to suddenly be dead. I could still hear her voice, smell her perfume, touch her. I did all that just hours ago. Yury. I heard my name being called, but couldn’t respond. I was in between two worlds, one […]

  • Habits 2

    >”]]]]}’> << Habits 1 “Sir, sir!” A boy’s voice grew louder near me. “Sir!” I felt a pair of hands grab my shoulders, and shake my body. I opened my eyes. A boy stood in front of me, his eyes wide open. “You’ve been in the train for two hours, asleep. Are you… sick or […]

  • Changing the purpose of this site

    I started this blog around 7 or 8 years ago with one purpose: to step out of my comfort zone by sharing what I create with the world instead of keeping it to myself. I started off being scared. What would people think? I was just a nobody. Yet, I knew that if I allowed […]