aspirations 2021

do more, show less.

like my mother, who donates, gives, serves… yet, you see nothing of these on social media. not because she doesn’t use social media, it just doesn’t occur to her that a picture needs to be taken when you do good.

learn more, learn faster.

curse less.

i curse way, way too much. that should change.

finally, polish my mandarin. i’ve dragged this out for far too long. my first step – i downloaded this chrome extension

i know a little bit of mandarin, but way too little. so i’m going to do it this year. for real. for real real.


restart my outreach campaign.

years ago, i cold emailed lots of people. got replies back from susan cain even! i should restart that.

maybe start a podcast (another thing that’s dragged for way too long). then there’s a reason to outreach.

let go of people who don’t care about me (duh, right?)

have more quiet time.

more time being mindful, prayerful.

more time in prayers.

less time on the weekends working, more time reading sutras.

i can’t take any of this with me after i die. so why bother. work enough, and spend the rest of the time doing other things.

more writing… fiction.

more leaps – big steps that matter, not little ones that are comfortable but don’t.

so this is it – my aspirations for 2021.

i should edit this, but that will take too much time. less perfectionism – also an aspiration.

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