Lu Wee here.

I’ll write something. Soon.

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  1. LuWee! Hello……I am that guy > marchengo89 on Instagram.

    The link I gave you last night (in New York)….you said you didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Now, looks like maybe you removed your post about “sit and think” –featuring the chair, seen from above. I liked that photo!

    Just so you know: I only was trying to share with you something I created, just as you like to share some of the things you’ve created. The video I was sharing was somewhat random, and….I don’t know what you thought–but there is no reason to be concerned! I am not a crazy man!

    All I was showing was a little coincidence: I met a person online who has the exact same name as me > MARK HUSSEY. Except, I also have a middle name: Brendan.

    So, my youtube video was a quickie film I made, based on Mark Hussey’s abridged version of WHITER SHADE OF PALE–a major rock classic from 1967. The end product was–as stated at the opening: MARK HUSSEY OF THE UK ON GUITAR PLAYING WHITER SHADE OF PALE…….with video creation/production/editing by MARK BRENDAN HUSSEY. Get it? There is nothing more to it!

    I hope you understand! Here is my fb id, which might help you understand a little more that I am just a regular American man–a father, husband, and semi-retired business man with many hobbies. Especially music! https://www.facebook.com/mark.b.hussey

    That’s all! I forget why or how I got connected to you on instagram–but I have enjoyed many of the instagram posts you’ve made. Your “mindset” and way of thinking (reflectively) reminds me a lot of myself when I was much younger.

    I know almost nothing about you. But now that I see you have a blog, I will read some of it and learn more.

    Thank you for listening. There is nothing more to say. Except: be well, and have a great day!


    • Hi Mark,

      Apologies on the late reply, but thanks for dropping by!

      Interesting how Quora connected us both! I hope you have a great day too =)

      – Lu Wee

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