29 Principles of Living Progressively and Harmoniously

“Excellence is the gradual result of trying to be better.”

I’m nowhere near being all of these every single day, but I hope I can keep making even a small improvement in these areas every day:

[1] Praise more than you criticise.

[2] If you can say the same thing calmly, don’t shout.

[3] Look inside of you to find happiness first before looking outside for it.

[4] Love your parents when they are alive.

[5] Never take advantage of others, even when you can. Always be fair.

[6] Don’t force others to do what you are unwilling to do yourself.

[7] When others tell you where your behavior need correction, listen first before defending yourself.

[8] See the good side of even the worst events. There is always a good side.

[9] Never mistake being timid for being gentle. Gentleness can be brave and decisive. But timidity often hides itself under the excuse of having good intention for others.

[10] Give up only when you have tried all routes, including the ones that are not obvious at first.

[11] See things and people as they are, not as you want them to be.

[12] Forgive more often than you are willing to.

[13] Even when you are tired and sleepy, never shout at people. If you don’t feel like talking nicely, keep quiet.

[14] Even if you don’t love animals, don’t harm them.

[15] Always make a conscious decision on how each day will be lived. Never live on autopilot.

[16] Make friends with people for no other reason than friendship. Never make friends with people to use them for something.

[17] Even if you love your work, always have a hobby. So when work gets frustrating you can go somewhere else and come back again refreshed.

[18] Only accept wealth you fairly earned. Don’t be greedy.

[19] Learn something new every day with no exceptions.

[20] Be open to learning a new skill, language or cultures that will probably not make you any money. And do this often. It will keep you open-minded.

[21] Let other people talk about your newest achievements. Never talk about them yourself. It will slow down your progress.

[22] Keep quiet when you are working. Don’t make it a habit to talk about your most minute progress to everyone you know. It will make your work much harder to complete.

[23] Cherish friendships. Real ones are rare.

[24] Don’t use alcohol or any addictions to help you resolve your problems. They only help you avoid them.

[25] Respect children. Don’t shout at them. Don’t dismiss them. Answer their questions. They will one day grow up. Teach them how to be a good human being by example.

[26] Care for the feelings of old people. Don’t make them feel invisible. They have contributed their part in the conveniences we have today.

[27] Be truthful. Don’t lie. It will become a habit.

[28] Use your hands as much as you use your brain, and vice versa.

[29] Be kinder than you feel like you should be.


This list will be updated.

This post was inspired by:

John Perry Barlow’s 25 Principles of Adult Behavior

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